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Where Brilliant Ideas Reside!

Wecreate awesome Websites

Wedevelop Brand Strategy

Wemanage Events

Weprovide Printing

Weoffer Promotional Items


We offer a vast array of services, from Social Media consultancy and Graphic design to application development and Traditional Marketing Services. Cre8ive Media House is the one place where it all not only comes together, but makes sense. We take the hassle out of searching for the next best move. We do long term and short term planning, we work with your budget, we build and maintain relationships. We work diligently to provide results, understand client needs and deliver value to our customers. We believe in keeping things Simple, Clear and Focused.


Driven by Vision



We practice active compassion.

We value excellence in craftsmanship.

We act with integrity and responsibility.

We place innovation and creativity at the center of our work.

We believe in the power of synergy and collaboration.


Our approach is simple; Focus on getting Results. From the inception of a project, through its final stages of delivery and beyond, we aim at coupling our vision, professionalism and capabilities with the friendliness and flexibility of an SME. We place high importance on getting to know our clients and their needs, so that we can effectively unite their business objectives with our unique solutions.

That means that all of our clients enjoy the benefits of a project that has been tailored to their exact needs – resulting in a sizeable return on investment.

We have partnered with some of the best minds and hands in the region so that we can ensure that we maintain a standard of output to all of our clients whilst providing the best price possible.


Charity begins at home is a saying that we have all heard growing up in the Caribbean. We believe in corporate philanthropy and support the arts and non-profit organizations within Trinidad and Tobago. We provide consultancy services, graphic designs and printing projects to religious organizations as well as pledge support to charitable events in our community.

For charitable requests please contact us here.


To employ visionary strategy, active compassion and innovative technology in order to connect and empower communities, businesses and individuals. We keep this focus in mind through every project, whether we’re providing computers to  families in rural areas or developing a professional website for a Australian tourism agency.


Meet the team

  • Dr Jean Kay a.k.a “Marvel Girl”

    Marketing and Communications Director

    “Dr. Jean Kay aka Marvel Girl” is a major nerd, her geeky personality is only outshone by her strength, will and ability to kick @$$! Her persistence and peaceful persona make for a confusing but potent blend of success. She has been hard at work over the last decade building relationships and consulting across the region in her quest to acquire the perfect blend of corporate super powers. A dedicated and committed innovator in her field of Business Analytics and Communication, known for her visionary ideas and zen management style.

  • Professor “U”

    Creative Director

    An innovative leader in his field of Information Communication Technology, “Professor U” is committed and dedicated to his passion for creativity which stems from his background in Web and Graphic Design. Such is his amazing mojo that he can build creative teams, online brand identities, intense web presence and sand castles, all without ever losing his intense focus. He is known for his ‘out of the box’ designs and playful character in the Graphics realm all whilst upholding his demeanour as the brother of the most intelligent paraplegic mutant known to man, Charles Xavier.